Why I love Monopoly

Hey, I am Tom – a self-proclaimed ‘Gaming Buff‘ and all-around board game lover!

I grew up in a house where my family played board games at home all the time. Nearly every Sunday evening we would gather around our table and play one of the many games we had collected over the years.

The game I loved playing the most though was Monopoly. As my Dad was a local businessman I had great competition playing against him and my brothers to see who would get bankrupt first (hint: It wasn’t always me!).

Sometimes, I would get the game out when we were not playing it to see if I could work out secret ways of beating my family or friends – I made so many notes and strategies to try out (most failed, but some worked well!)

Over the years I have collected many editions of Monopoly (over 450 now and growing!) and have several favorites which I am going to tell you about on here. I still play the original or ‘classic’ game frequently (especially with new friends) as it is such an easy game to understand and superb fun!

Mr Monopoly
Mr. Monopoly – a bit of a hero of mine!

A short history

Monopoly itself was derived from another game (The Landlord’s Game) which was created back in 1903. It wasn’t until 1935 that the Parker Brothers released Monopoly, the game we love now.

Finally, thirty years ago – back in 1991, gaming giant Hasbro acquired the gaming legend Parker Brothers who had been publishing games since 1883 and has continued to roll out many editions of Monopoly worldwide to this day.

Monopoly Pro

Whilst I have yet to attend an official Monopoly Tournament (the last one was in 2015 – and unfortunately the most recent one in 2021 was cancelled) I would consider myself a Pro!

Having played hundreds of games with friends, family and strangers in board game cafes for nearly two decades, I have set strategies when it comes to playing Classic Monopoly and always look forward to getting my hands on one of the new editions – however weird or wonderful they sound!

Currently, I own over 450 different editions of Monopoly – far below the total amount of editions out there (there are rumored over 10,000 editions in total!). Although I am no way near as big of a collector as some out there, I do add to my collection frequently and I hope to document each one on here in time (might take a while!)

As a gaming lover, I even have my own special dice I bring to games. I love the feel of these heavy-weight silver dice and I use them wherever possible! You can pick up a set at most gift outlets or Amazon, Walmart etc!

Iron & Glory
Iron & Glory “Let It Roll” Dice

If you have any Monopoly questions or want to send a message, just use my contact page and I will get right back to you!

I hope you enjoy my website and love Monopoly as much as I do!

Tom's Monopoly Pro
Tom’s Monopoly Pro